Students Abroad Explore the London Tube

Temple Update has had several reporters and contributors who studied away or abroad this year, this is the account of Reporter Taylor Garland and her experience with the tube in London. 

In a city that is home to over eight million people, public transportation is a key part of the daily routine for most citizens. The city of London offers public transportation by train, bus and bikes.

The London Underground, that has operated for the last 150 years, is used by an average of 4 million people a day. It’s massive growth has given commuters ease in getting from Point A to Point B.

There are 270 stations on the London tube network cover a total route of 250 miles.

There are currently over 8,000 buses in service in London and 700 docking stations around the city for cycling.

In comparison to SEPTA’s tokens, the Tube’s Oyster Card is the most popular form of payment in the world. The Oyster Card launched in July 2003 and 70 million cards have been issued since.

The Oyster Card allows ease to riding the Tube, without the hassle of tokens or coins.

“There is a lot of maps at every tube station that tell you which way to go through out all of London,” said senior Dave Piccnetti. “People really keep to themselves, they don’t really talk that much. It was hectic at first, but I got used to it.”

While students here at Temple explore Philadelphia through SEPTA, students abroad in London have explored the city via the tube.

You can expect more work from Taylor throughout the fall semester.

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