Students Discuss Upcoming Finals Week

“I am very, very nervous about my final exam,” says student Nina Sjostrom, a Management Information System major.

For most college students, finals week is the busiest week of the semester. All kinds of exams and papers pour in. Some students feel busy and nervous, while some students feel relaxed.

Temple student Tricia Cappelli says that she usually chooses to review at home, because other places make her feel more pressure.

“[I’m] like a little nervous, but I try not to stress too much. ‘Cause I know if I stress a lot, then I will do worse,” student Tricia Cappelli says.

“It is a quite regular feel of our dally life, so I do not feel very special for the coming final assignment,” says engineering student Jun Chen.

During finals week, the library and TECH Center tend to be places of great demand.

Junying Lu says that she usually studies at either of these locations. There are places called “quiet zones,” which are helpful for her.

Nina Sjostrom gives insight into her study plans, saying, “I will get a breakout room in the library with other students in my class who have the final exam, or I will study at home by myself.”

When asked if they had something to help review for finals, almost everyone said they will drink coffee.

“I definitely drink lots of coffee when I’m cramming. ‘Cause it helps me focus more and stay up later,” Cappelli says.

“I definitely do drink a lot of coffee,” expressed Sjostrom. “During finals week I probably drink four cups a day. But I am coffee addict so that’s not normal.”

Finals week runs December 14th through December 20th.


Tech Center hours during final week:

Wednesday, December 6th – Tuesday, December 19th: Open 24 hours daily, including weekends
Wednesday, December 20th: 9:30 PM closing


Library hours during final week:

Thursday, December 14th December 19th: Open 24 hours

Wednesday, December 20th: 8:00 PM closing

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