Students React to Election 2016 Events

The latest news happening on the Election 2016 campaign trail has generated intense buzz across the country, and especially on Temple’s campus.

“It was certainly a show. It’s a shame that politics has become a reality show,” said Dalton Tatro, a junior student at Temple University.

Temple students are buzzing after several profound headlines like the now infamous Access Hollywood tape showing Donald Trump making salacious comments about women, the second Presidential debate, Ken Bone, the hacked Hillary Clinton campaign e-mails released by Wikileaks and prominent Republicans withdrawal of support of Trump have have generated broad reactions.

Trump spoke in vulgar terms during a 2005 conversation recorded on a hot microphone. The audio was from a video obtained and released by The Washington Post. He bragged about kissing, groping women.

“I don’t even wait,” said Trump. “And when you’re a star, they let you do it, you can do anything.”

Chairman of the Temple College Republicans Austin Severns was not happy with the candidate’s words.

“I’ve never had that kind of conversation with anybody So, in a locker room, in a classroom or outside in public that’s a disgusting, aggressive thing to say,” said Severns. “Trump is not a conservative in any way,” said Severns

Many students, both Republicans and Democrats, seemed to agree that these words were not surprising to hear.

“Obviously what he said was awful and I don’t agree with it at all. But hearing that Trump said it was like yeah of course Trump would say something like that,” said Brett Bannon, a senior.

It didn’t shock sophomore Victoria Blackwood either, but she admits she was upset.

“I wasn’t surprised at first but then I was kind of angry,” said Blackwood. “It’s just disrespectful.”

Even though Trump didn’t astonish students political science professor, Michael Hagen said that a presidential candidate in this kind of political heat is unusual.

“Never actually,” said Hagen. “Never has it come out in such stark relief during a presidential campaign.”

Hagen said he expects surprises during the last few weeks of the election.

“I certainly expect the Trump campaign to be hitting back very hard at the Clinton campaign and I expect the Clinton campaign to respond in kind so I think there are a lot of fireworks still ahead,” said Hagen.

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