Students React to National Football Ranking


In the wake of Temple’s 6-0 record at the halfway point of the College Football season, students on campus are buzzing with excitement over the team’s recent success.

Temple Senior David Rivera is especially excited about the football team’s recent success, given the sub-par records of teams from previous seasons. Rivera says, “It’s pretty crazy, my freshman year, they were terrible, sophomore year they weren’t good, this year, I’m pretty surprised to be honest.”

In addition to remaining undefeated at this point of the season, Temple has gained additional accolades, including being ranked in the Associated Press Top 25 list for the first time since 1979.

The appeal of Temple Football’s recent success has led to the October 31 game against Notre Dame being placed into the national spotlight, and the results of that game could big for Temple. Junior Jessica Baar says “If we can beat Notre Dame, that would be incredible, I’m really excited”.

While Owls matchup with Notre Dame is set on October 31, the team will look to improve to 7-0 on Thursday night, when they play the East Carolina University Pirates on the road.




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