Students Reflect on the Year at Temple

From success on the sports field, to hanging out on Beury Beach, to success in the classroom, and everything in between, students created plenty of memories this year at Temple University. They shared some of their favorites with Temple Update.

“My favorite moment this year was definitely going to the Latin American Study Program to Costa Rica. It was 23 students from the Spanish and Portuguese Department and we went there for 3 weeks and I met the most incredible people at Temple University.” Said Senior Media Studies and Production Major Pedro Pires.

“Definitely a memory that sticks out to me would be our victory against Penn State. I mean that was…. I was there at the game and the feeling was just incredible. It was intense. Kind of brought us together as a school, and it was just an awesome experience to be able to overcome an obstacle like that and it was just really exciting. Definitely memorable” Freshman Marketing Major Sophie Dill said.

“I would have to say the setup they had at the Bell Tower here about a week or two ago because that was an event unlike any other that I’ve seen here on campus. It was just a great way for students to relax and have fun through all these finals that we’re going through.” said Sophomore Political Science and Economics Major Shawn Moss of his favorite memory.

“I would have to say the Penn State game this year. It was really crazy. It was a sell-out game and a great experience considering it was the first time we beat them in 74 years.” Junior Chemistry Major Philip Kirumba told Temple Update.

“Going to the Linc and watching Temple beat Penn State. You know, going to the game with all my friends that I’ve known the last few years really created close bonds with them and just cheering on as loud as we possibly can and watching Temple beat Penn State because you know, 70 years it’s been way too long.” added Senior Economics Major Michael Allen.

While students had mixed reactions on their favorite memories from this year, they all agree it was a year to remember for Temple University.


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