Students Usher in the Spring with Holi

The Holi Festival, also known as the Festival of Colors, is an annual ceremony celebrated by those of Hindu religion and Indian origin.

“It’s to celebrate the coming of spring, and to ward off the evil spirits,” said Roham Umrani, President of TU Sass. “[It’s] to say, ‘Hey, let’s have a good spring, let’s have a good rest of the year, and we celebrate by throwing color, it’s absolutely beautiful and a lot of fun.”

The Temple South Asians brought the first ever Holi to the Tyler School of Art Courtyard, Friday March 14.

The festival is not exclusive to Hindu’s and those of Indian origin.

“It is my first time celebrating Holi,” said junior Marzi Niazi. “I’m from Afghanistan but I’m Muslim, so this is an Indian celebration, and a majority of my friends are Indian so it’s awesome to see what their culture and religion is about.”

TU Sass hopes to make Holi an annual event at Temple University.


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