Students Walk Out Over Wages

2015-04-15 13.55.53
(Photo: Rob DiRienzo, Temple Update Staff)

A handful of students walked out of class this afternoon in protest of low wages.

They took to the Bell Tower to make their point as part of a nationwide day of activism.

“In over 200 cities thousands of workers and students will be taking off work and class to strike,” read the protest’s Facebook event.

Their demand: raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and give all low-wage workers the right to unionize. University Pres. Neil Theobald, who was nearby for a donor appreciation event, took photos with demonstrators. He took a letter from activists that urges him to raise the wages of Temple University employees and handed it off to an aide.

The organization then tweeted this picture out, calling him “clueless.”

Following the demonstration at the Bell Tower, protesters plan to board a bus to West Philadelphia to join others there. So far, no official response from Pres. Theobald’s office.


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