Studying Abroad on an SMC Scholarship


Studying aboard is an opportunity of a lifetime and most college students would jump at the chance to travel overseas. However, many perspective study abroad students end up turning away the idea after reading the price tag. Often, these  students are unaware of the amount of scholarship money available.

Five students currently on the London Study Abroad program have benefited from the financial support of scholarships they were awarded.

Paige Knapp, junior advertising major, was a recipient of both the Lew Kline and Martha Menei scholarships. Knapp says that her abroad experience was made more fulfilling by the work she put into completing her applications.

Knapp said, “My parents were obviously ready to help me come abroad money wise, but I was able to call them and say, ‘Hey, I did my part.’ I was able to give back a little bit to that.”

In addition to the financial assistance offered through Temple, outside scholarships were are available as well. Jasmine Payout was the winner of the Gillman scholarship, which is offered to any university student throughout the globe interested in studying abroad.

Sitting down and taking the time to fill out an application can take you a long way. Maybe even so far that it takes you to another part of the world.

To find out more about the Temple Study Abroad programs and scholarships, click here.

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