Summer Internship Assistance at the Career Center

With the semester flying by, Temple students are beginning to focus on locking down summer internships.

The pressure of attaining experience outside of the classroom can be intimidating to many students, but with many resources on campus, there are ways to stay organized and ultimately alleviate some of the stress of job searching.

Sophomore Sydney Turturro, a theatre major, is one of the many students trying to get an internship for the summer. She has found her own way of keeping together all of the prospects that interest her in a Google spreadsheet.

“I have a spreadsheet of all the ones that I’ve applied to in theatre-related fields. At least twenty, probably not more that forty, so around that range,” says Turturro when asked how she keeps tracks of her applications.

Turturro has found that keeping a list will help her chances at receiving an offer, but also mentioned that Temple’s Career Center is helpful to students, but it is also about the initiative to make use of what is available on campus.

“It’s really a matter of you going out and trying to find the resources, they’re not going to hand them off to you,” she says. “If you aren’t trying to find the resources and the help that you need, it won’t just kind of fall in your lap.”

Temple University’s Career Center is an outlet that students can visit and get help from a career coach like Laura Craig, who is the Associate Director of Career Development. According to Craig, students are always welcome to stop by the Career Center by appointment or for a 15-minute walk-in session.

“Online students can access at, resources that include the Owl Network, which is where you can make an appointment to see a career coach. You can find out about job and internship opportunities and you can RSVP for not only career fairs, but a wide variety of other types of events,” says Craig.

Students interested in getting more information on the Career Center can stop by 220 Mitten Hall where they are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.  

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