Supporters and Residents of Philly Encampments Fight for Housing Equality

On Friday, the City of Philadelphia announced that 11 Philadelphia homeless service organizations will receive help and vital funding to support homeless people in need. 

On September 11th, The Office of Homeless Services (OHS) received a grant award of nearly 1.5 million dollars from Home4Good to help homeless people and people who are at risk of being homeless.

“That safety net is never more crucial than during the COVID-19 pandemic. We thank FHLB and PHFA for their support at this difficult time,” says Liz Hersh, director of OHS.

Two days after the third deadline from the City of Philadelphia to clear out all three encampments, yet both Camp Teddy and Camp JTD are still standing. 

“What do we want? Housing! When do we want it? NOW!” protesters chanted during Wednesday’s protest.

After the City of Philadelphia announced that all three homeless encampments have to be cleared out by 9 a.m., Wednesday. People around the community had gathered together to show their support. 

Many said the city has to step up their game as a leader.

“I feel that the city has been a little bit stalled and thinking of creative solutions to address homelessness especially during COVID and they haven’t been following best practices,” says Samantha Petty, a supporter for the encampment.

The Mayor spoke to reporters after the third failed attempt of evicting the homeless camps. During Wednesday’s press conference, Mayor James Kenney would not comment on what their future action would be on homeless camps.

The Mayor said this is a very difficult situation and they are doing their best.

“Things we are seeing are unacceptable and frankly unsustainable. We are not wavering from our determination to resolve the encampments in an amicable way,” Kenny said. 

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