A ‘Surplus’ of Sustainability for Students


The Temple Surplus warehouse is located on the 2700 block of Park Ave.

In a building just one mile off campus, one of Temple University’s largest environmental initiatives is doing big business. The spacious warehouse holds hundreds of household appliances as part of the university’s Surplus Shopping program.

The Surplus program utilizes discarded pieces of furniture from the university and repurposes them as items for students and the public to purchase online at a discounted rate. Many think the program could help ease the financial burden of college life.

“Being in college, we already have enough loans. We’re struggling for money,” says senior, Mike Mingone. “Finding nice furniture –– that’s used, in good condition, at an affordable cost –– it’s a win-win for everybody.”

Thousands of items circulate through the warehouse annually.

In addition to being a financial investment ‘Surplus’ co-creator, Mark Gottleib, also sees the program as an investment in the future of our environment. As Associate Director of Operations and Logistics, Gottleib’s goal is to ensure the success of the program as a sustainability effort.

“Increasing the green footprint of the university is part of sustainability. We don’t wanna be putting this material in landfills.”

Gottleib — who acknowledges the program’s slow, yet steady growth — sees it as a major asset to the university. “It’s a work in progress, but it’s going in the right direction,” he says. “I think just the fact that we have made this progress has its own level of satisfaction.”

For more information about the Surplus program and other sustainability initiatives, visit the Office of Sustainability’s website.

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