Take a Tour of Temple Rome’s Campus

Since 1966, Temple University Rome has been offering students a rigorous academic and cultural program in the heart of the Eternal City, where Rome is the classroom, the studio, and the campus.

Housed in the stately Villa Caproni, Temple Rome is positioned along the banks of the Tiber River and just north of Piazza del Popolo. Just a short walk from the Villa Borghese park and famous monuments, such as the Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navona, Temple Rome students can take advantage of the historical and contemporary resources Rome has to offer.

“As a history major I’ve learned a lot about Rome but I’ve never been able to stand you know in the Forums or walk through the Arches here so that’s been awesome,” said student Dylan Biggs. “And yeah you know you’re not going to be able to meet a ton of international people in Philadelphia. You can, you just have to seek them out. Here, it’s just your life.”

Aaron Franklin, another Temple Rome student, is also enjoying his new campus. “You have I mean Italy and I would argue the whole continent of Europe at your disposal as your campus. I know a lot of these programs says the city is your campus but they really do mean that. For all of the classes I have, in some shape or form, I am required to go out in the city,” he said.

Inside the Villa Caproni, Temple Rome students can find all of their classrooms and workspaces housed in one building. On the first floor, students have access to a large lounge area that displays student art, a computer lab, and a library. On the upper floors, students can find art and architecture studios, traditional classrooms, and a large fresco room painted in the traditional Roman medium.

“I think like the atmosphere here and the attitude here is a lot different. Kids are focused on schoolwork but at the same time put a lot of priority on traveling and getting the most out of our semester here so I find people are doing a lot of stuff here and not settling as much into a routine,” said student Megan Jenkins.

A dynamic center for the arts, history, politics, and culture, Temple Rome has become a launching pad for creating global connections for students, alumni, and friends, as well as a meeting space for Italians, Americans and visitors from around the globe.

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