Temple Tea Time in London

Temple Update has had several reporters and contributors who studied away or abroad this year, this is the account of reporters Jackie Nelms and Taylor Garland and their experience in London.


Temple students studying abroad in London had the privilege of partaking in an afternoon teatime at The Royal Kensington Palace. The luncheon was held at the famous eighteenth century Orangery restaurant located within the Palace Gardens.

Temple journalism professor, Dr. Fabienne Darling-Wolf organized the field trip so that her students could experience British tea culture in the most traditional sense. Students, dressed in formal attire, enjoyed an assortment of sandwiches, scones and pastries, accompanied with several cups of tea.

Although the origin of afternoon tea is disputed, many people believe members of the royal family began the tradition when they would enjoy a pot of tea and a small snack between breakfast and dinner in the early 1800s. The modern version of afternoon tea was popularized in the late nineteenth century when members of both the middle and upper class began to partake.

Today the British continue the tradition and enjoy afternoon tea at home, work and at more elegant locations such as the Orangery.

Junior, James Kenvin says about the teatime experience, “It’s very clean, it’s very upscale, it’s very nice. The food all comes very well presented; very small cuts of everything.”

Study abroad student Rebecca Rose said it was not exactly how she imagined it to be.

“I mean the portions were pretty small compared to what you see in the movies,” Rose says, “But it was relaxing. I had seven cups of tea so it was nice.”

Although many students are not avid tea drinkers, everyone enjoyed getting out of the classroom and experiencing first hand, one of the Britain’s most beloved traditions.

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