Temple Adjuncts Push for Union Vote

Temple University’s adjunct professors are continuing their petition for unionization.

Along with rallies throughout campus, they have created a petition for a union election. The professors have taken to the State Capitol for moderated hearings between adjunct representatives and university officials about the issue.

The adjunct professors want to join the collective bargaining unit of Temple Association of University Professionals. TAUP is made up of Temple University’s full time staff and is in favor of the adjuncts joining the unit.

The Office of the Provost, on the other hand, has put out a statement saying:

We believe that this significant expansion of Local 4531’s bargaining unit at Temple would dramatically and negatively impact the mission of the university and the faculty. Representation of adjunct faculty by this union that already works on behalf of both non-tenure track and tenure track/tenured full-time faculty may result in conflicting interest among those groups. In addition, unionization would add an additional layer of bureaucracy and related expenses resulting in higher operating costs.

“More benefits and more continuity and a sense of job security. So even a one year contract rather than a semester contract, so that if my classes are cancelled last minute, I could be reimbursed, would be helpful,” said Adjunct Professor Maggie Avner.

I think that the administration does not want faculty to have as much say in their working conditions. That’s a shame,” said TAUP President Arthur Hochner.

The next hearing in Harrisburg is scheduled for April 21. A decision is not expected to be made until late summer or early fall.

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