Temple Alum ROARs to End Assault through Innovation

Yasmine Mustafa, tech entrepreneur and community leader, has created a simple device titled Athena.  The coin-sized product aims to protect women from physical assaults at the touch of a button.

She graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Entrepreneurship (Fox ’06).  She even holds the record for “Most Innovative Idea” competition awards at Temple with 4 wins, and won First Place and $25,000 in cash and prizes in Temple’s Business Plan Competition in 2010.  Since then, she has founded multiple start ups; her most recent endeavor is ROAR for Good.

ROAR for Good

The idea for the company started when Yasmine spent six months solo-trekking across South America.  She met many women, both locals and travelers, who had been victims of assault.

Weeks after returning home to Philadelphia, Yasmine witnessed a woman at a parking meter who was grabbed from behind, dragged into an alley, beaten severely, and brutally raped.  In this moment ROAR for Good was born.

ROAR for Good


Yasmine and her co-founder made a commitment to leverage resources, experience, and energy to make a difference.

ROAR focusses on developing practical solutions to make a difference and redefining the status quo.  Yasmine’s company aims not only to reduce assaults against women, but also to create a greater sense of empowerment in women.

The company motto boasts: “Live your life boldly and without fear.”

Athena acts as a deterrent by helping ward off an attack and instantly calling for help.  Activated with just one hand, the device emits a loud alarm and sends text messages to loved ones with the wearer’s location.  This technology can be worn on a necklace, blouse, keychain, purse, or backpack.

In addition to help end the violence against women, ROAR for Good will invest 10% of proceeds in educational programs through The One Love Foundation.ROAR for Good


ROAR for Good also teamed up with Women Against Abuse (WAA) to provide in-kind devices to women in need.

The non-profit agency provides safe havens, legal services, transitional housing, aftercare services, a counseling hotline and education to women experiencing intimate partner violence.

Their mission, which aligns harmoniously with ROAR’s, is to end violence through advocacy and community education.

Click to read more about ROAR for Good and Athena.

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