Temple and TAUP Announce Agreement

TAUP and Temple have been in negotiation for the past 15 months. (Courtesy of taup.org)

Temple and Temple Association of University Professionals, or TAUP, have come to a tentative agreement on a two-year contract with adjunct faculty after a year of negotiations.

As the first agreement since adjunct faculty became part of the union, it offers adjuncts credit-hour increases for each of the two years. $1,425 per credit hour in 2017-18 and $1,500 for 2018-19. Those already paid more than $1,425 but less than $1,500 per credit hour will get a single payment of $150.

The full-time faculty agreement will be extended for one year through October 2019. It gives full-time faculty the same level increases as the last two years.

On Wednesday, the union had a ratification meeting with its executive committee. A ratification vote by the membership is expected within the next month.

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