Temple Back on Winning Streak After Win Over ECU

NORTH CAROLINA — After suffering their first consecutive losses in over 10 games, Temple’s Women’s Basketball Team went back on another win streak, after defeating East Carolina University 83-63. Alliya Butts lead the charge with 25 points and seven steals, while Erica Coville pitched in 16 points with eight rebounds, and Feyonda Fitzgerald added a point-assist double-double with 11 each. Temple started the game struggling, but was able to recollect themselves by the end of the first quarter, and never let go afterwards. This could be just the win they needed to get back on the groove that they were in not too long ago.

During the first four minutes of the fourth quarter, ECU jumped out to a big lead after going on a 13-2 run. Temple started to fight back and get into the game again, with a 14-6 run, which ended the quarter at 16-19, in favor of ECU. Butts started her dominance early, helping her team get back into the game by scoring eight of their 16 points.

In the second quarter, they started off trading blows with one another for the first two minutes, then Temple started to spread apart from ECU by going on 19-8 run, to lead them 39-29 by the end of the half. At halftime, Alliya Butts lead all players in points with 17, and Feyonda Fitzgerald had four points with six assists, while the leading player for ECU, Marina Laramie, had scored 10 points. Temple had out-assisted, out-rebounded, and out-blocked ECU by this point, while converting more of their free-throws as well.

Temple continued showing it’s dominance in the third quarter, which was showcased by another big run in which Temple stretched their lead out to 21 points by the end of the quarter. The score at the end of the quarter at that point was 63-42.

In the final quarter, Temple pretty much just coasted on to victory. They created their largest lead of the game, which was 27, before they took out all of the starts, and put all of the replacements in. The 83-63 blowout is their second blowout in two games, which is making it look as if Temple is going to go back to their dominating ways after getting shaken by UConn, and edged out by UPenn.

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