Temple Celebrates Women’s History Month

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Temple University is celebrating Women’s History Month virtually this year. 

Throughout the month of march, Temple is hosting a series of lectures, film screenings, musical performances, and more in celebration of women’s history month. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the university is holding these events virtually and allowing students to register for them online.

The month of March is dedicated to commemorate and celebrate the contributions women have made not only in history but in society. This year’s theme for Women’s History Month is “Valiant Women of the Vote.” The university wanted to honor the women who pushed for women’s suffrage and continue to fight for equal voting rights. 

Dr. Jennifer Pollitt, assistant director of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s studies at Temple University, stated, “we are celebrating all of these incredible achievements, um, by women that help everyone, not just women… It also demonstrates that the community is committed to seeing, hearing, honoring, and validating the experiences of more than 50% of its student population.

Some of the colleges that are taking part in celebrating Women’s History Month include The Tyler School of Art and Boyer College of Music. Students can expect to hear from artists, authors, performers, and other influential women from the Philadelphia area.

One of the events taking place is a virtual screening and discussion with Temple graduate Karen Washington. 

Collection curator for The Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection, Dr. Diane Turner stated, “Karen Warrington is a prominent woman from north Philadelphia. We hope that viewers learn about her career in Philadelphia and develop an appreciation for her contributions.”

Dr. Turner also mentioned that The Blockson Collection highlights contributions of women throughout the year in exhibitions, public programs, and tours which are all available to temple students.

The university will continue to celebrate Women’s History Month throughout the month of March. For more information, Temple has posted a guide to Women’s History Month events, including a variety of different events hosted this month accompanied by the time and location.

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