Temple Dedicates Hardwick Elevator to Former Graduate

University officials met in the lobby of Hardwick hall Friday to dedicate one of the building’s elevators to the memory of a Temple alumni.

The dedication ceremony took place to honor the unique story of Shari Schlesinger, who met her future husband for the first time in Hardwick hall’s south elevator.

Shari met then senior Eric Schlesinger on move in day in 1972. The pair would later connect at a party, where Shari would approach Eric and strike up a conversation with student she called “Mr. Elevator Man”

The couple would soon form a strong relationship, persisting through a long distance stretch while Eric attended grad school in New York.

Shari and Eric would stay together for 45 years, before Shari’s death last year following a battle with colon cancer

Through it all, Schlesinger stated that their meeting in the elevator that day was one of the most significant memories of his Temple experience.

The plaque dedicated to the story of the two lovers will be attached to the wall outside Hardwick’s elevator, telling the story of their first meeting.


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