Temple Dining Expands Options for Special Diets

March is National Nutrition Month around the nation and “foodies” all over are trying to serve up the very best. Temple University, in conjunction with Sodexo food services, is moving towards providing healthy and mindful choices at all dining locations that suit all diet plans—including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free individuals.

“I have Crohns [disease] and my diet has to [have] no meat whatsoever, because my body can’t process it. [Food must also be] pure and [as] non-processed as possible,” said Siobhan Skerritt, the Resident Director of Hardwick Hall where the Louis J. Esposito Dining Hall is located.

With the rising costs of on-campus living, the necessity of meeting the myriad needs of a multi-cultural, omnivorous and diet diverse population is one of the ways Temple is attracting students to on-campus life.

We’re always looking for new opportunities to serve exactly what the students want…[like] Cosi and Morgan Hall, [and to] offer a lot more healthy options. Go to Cosi, they have all the calorie counts up there and you can find something that fits within whatever diet you’re looking to achieve,” said Nathan Quinn, Unit Marketing Coordinator of Sodexo Dining Services.

Cosi Restaurant
Cosi, one of Main Campus’s newest eateries, focuses on giving customers healthier options.

Students have relayed that the increase in choices on campus, from Cosi to Morgan Hall or the Hillel Center which serves Kosher meals have made dining more pleasurable.

“Whether it’s the caf or Cosi, if there’s something I could adjust or add, I could just tell them and I could just ask,” said freshman Drew Longo who lives in Morgan South. “You can go to [Southside Diner] in Morgan and get a veggie burger, which I did the other day with my lovely girlfriend and it was wonderful….I think there are options on campus.”

To view the full menus and locations of the numerous dining facilities on campus, visit the Temple University dining page.



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