Temple Football Raises Money For Local Food Pantries

In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, some children may find it difficult to get their next meal with PA schools being closed for the remainder of the academic year. Temple football is doing its part, teaming with Philabundance and the Food Bank of South Jersey to ensure local children won’t go hungry in these unprecedented times.

The last month has been a shell shock for everyone. Our everyday lives have been completely altered, all of our favorite activities halted. Concerts are cancelled, live sports have been benched. Hospitals and supermarkets are getting packed as health care workers, grocery store clerks, delivery drivers & all other essential employees have become the MVP’s of the world. But under these circumstances, it’s easy to forget that while yes, children are still receiving education through online learning with school closures, some kids that relied on school for meals are now left out.

Several days ago, Owls head coach Rod Carey and the Owls football team started a challenge to make sure that is no longer the case. Coach Carey started the challenge by donating $3,000 to each charity, and challenged his staff and players to give as well. After his donation, Carey stated that, “many school kids only get fed one good meal each day and that’s while they are at school. Without that structure, they may not be eating. Philabundance and the Food Bank of South Jersey can make sure that those kids, and others like them, can receive a good meal.”

In the following three days, as of the writing of this, the Owls have raised nearly $12,000, which is the equivalent to 60,000 meals for the children of the tri-state area. Although the work that the team has put in has been inspiring, they are not done yet. If you would like to donate, follow either or both of the links here: https://phlb.convio.net/goto/TempleFootball (Philabundance) https://donate.foodbanksj.org/TempleFootball (Food Bank of SJ) to do your part.

If you are unable to donate, but would still like to contribute, you can follow the Owls football team on Facebook (Temple_FB), Instagram (@Temple_FB), or Twitter (@Temple_FB) and share the links on those respective pages to spread the word of the great cause.

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