Temple Health Sciences Campus on Lock Down after Shots Fired

Temple University’s Health Sciences Campus was placed in a lock down state today, Wednesday, August 14th.

Following a TU Alert sent out by the university, a following email informed students and staff to remain still and shelter in place. Police are currently responding.

Temple Update will provide details on this story as they become available.

UPDATE 5:30: Philadelphia Police have confirmed that at least 3 officers have been injured in an apparent shooting. The incident appears to have taken place off campus from the HSC. The campus is still on lock down.

UPDATE 6:00: Philadelphia police sergeant Eric Gripp has confirmed via Twitter that at least 5 officers have been injured in an apparent shootout with police. More updates will be posted as they become available.

UPDATE 6:50: Police have since indicated that at least 6 officers have been shot with non-fatal injuries. The shooting appears to have started over a search warrant gone wrong.

UPDATE 7:02: Temple officials have since lifted the lock down on the HSC Campus. The situation is still developing.

UPDATE 7:50: Police liaison Eric Gripp has since confirmed that children from the nearby Shake, Rattle and Roll daycare and Precious Babies daycare have been relocated to 3643 Germantown ave. Parents are encouraged to work with authorities at the buses at the location specified above.

UPDATE 8:00: Police are reporting that at least one suspect has been taken into custody following the police shootout. At least two officers are inside the house and are currently negotiating with the suspect. Police have contacted the suspect via the phone and have been working with the suspects family to resolve the situation without escalating violence.

UPDATE 8:05: Mayor Jim Kenny has spoken with the officers injured in the shootout and is working with police to defuse the situation. Kenny has also referenced further gun reform across the city following the tonight’s incident.

UPDATE 8:24: Police have advised media and citizens to not operate drones and other aerial devices in the area to avoid interrupting police operations.

UPDATE 9:30: As of the current time the suspect is still barricaded in the premises with several hostages inside. The situation is still developing. Stay tuned for further details as they become available.

UPDATE 9:38: The two officers in the house have been safely released. The suspect is still armed and in the home.

UPDATE 1:00: As of tonight the suspect has surrendered. After apparently speaking with their lawyer the suspect surrendered their position. Police have identified the suspect as Maurice Hill, according to police. All officers injured in the shootout are expected to make a full recovery. Stay with Temple Update for more details on this incident.


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