Temple K9 Officer Joined in Frein Manhunt


Temple University Campus Police sent the team of Officer Doug Hotchkiss and his dog Baron to assist in the search of accused cop killer Eric Frein.

Although the two left the search the day before Frein was captured, Hotchkiss enjoyed the experience with Baron.

Baron, a four-year-old Belgian Malinois, lives with Hotchkiss, and the two have been together on the force since February of 2013. The day before Hotchkiss and Baron left to go back home, authorities received a call from somebody who believed they had spotted Eric Frein near an abandoned hotel. Hotchkiss then started to track with Baron and says Baron was taking him in a certain direction – the direction that neighbors had said that they saw the person going. Hotchkiss told Temple Update, “Supposedly, multiple people saw him on that day that Baron was tracking him”.

Although Hotchkiss and Baron have been on many missions together, searching for Eric Frein was one of the largest and most important. Hotchkiss says Baron always has his back.  “I mean, I don’t know if I would have enjoyed it as much if I didn’t have him, because I had the partner I know would back me up, not that I know the other police officers wouldn’t, but I just know if I needed somebody right away, he would be right there”.

Whether they are together at home or searching for a top fugitive in the United States, the bond the two share shows that dog really is man’s best friend.

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