Temple London Report: Awkward Interactions


London correspondent Tommy Sladek and some fellow Temple Owls are making quite an impression overseas.

Sladek, along with 38 other students studying on Temple’s London program, has been living in The Royal Borough of Kensington for a little over a month.

Participants of the program are learning that cultural immersion is not always easy and may even lead to some uncomfortable encounters.

Senior Journalism Major Abby Durey says she was thrown off by the simplicity of London’s transportation system. Durey said, “I’m used to SEPTA where you just put tokens in and get on the subway but here you just tap the card a walk on, it was a weird experience at first.”

Other students who found themselves in awkward situations viewed these moments as humorous, like Junior Advertising Major, Rain Watkins. Watkins explains, “It turns out that the papers here are free. And I got off the metro one day and I went over to try to pay the guy and he just looked at me like I’m crazy. So I felt kind of crazy from the way he was looking at me! They were just like get out of my face. So I did just that.”

Learning new cooking skills and navigating the streets of a foreign city are some other ways students are acclimating to their new posh environment.





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