Temple Says Halleloo To Shangela

Temple’s Main Campus Program Board hosted their first ever Mic Drop event Tuesday night at the Howard Gittis Student Center. One of MCPB’s events, Mic Drop flourished this semester, with special guests and contestants. 

The talent show’s grand prize was a whopping $500, critiqued by a panel of judges. There was a variety of talent, from soulful singing, to experimental performance art.

Room 200 had spectators waiting with excitement to watch the show, while room 200A held the contestants, waiting anxiously to perform. Both rooms were filled with anticipation for the show’s special guest and drag queen superstar, Shangela.

Zhariah put on an avant-garde rap performance that had everyone singing along.


Nelson Negron, Campus Events Director, explained why a drag queen was the way to go.

“I had proposed a drag queen. Who’s better at providing all different kinds of talents than a drag queen?” Nelson continued, “They can sing, they can act, they’re comedians, they can run a show, they can dance, they can lip sync. So why not do it?” He then reached out to Shangela’s manager, and once she was confirmed for the show, the fun could begin.

Shangela was fashionably late (ten minutes), and dazzled the crowd in her rhinestone gown and voluminous hair. She took the first few minutes to introduce herself, “Some of you are looking at me from the back row back there like…ooh…how did we get Beyonce on a Tuesday night?” Shangela is originally from seasons 2 and 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, only to return for season 3 of the All-Stars edition of the show.

Drag queen superstar, Shangela commands the room

If you missed Shangela don’t be discouraged, she will be back on VH1 for a chance at the crown once again in RuPaul’s first-ever holiday special, in hopes of crowning the first ever Christmas Queen, as well as performing beside Lady Gaga in Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born.

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