Temple Smash — Behind the Scenes!

Lights…. Camera…. Action!

Thursday nights in Annenberg Hall only means one thing—rehearsal for Temple’s very own live sketch-comedy show – Temple Smash. Nearly 60 cast and crew members spend 6 weeks rehearsing in the studio to perfect their sketches before performing them in front of a live studio audience of over 100 people.

Throughout rehearsals, students in charge of different departments help guide newcomers to learn the ins and outs of the positions such as stage crew, floor managing, camera operators, and the audio and art departments.

Not only does Smash have live sketches, but producers also work to shoot and edit digital sketches to present to the audience. In addition to learning about live TV production, Smash is a place where many students have created lasting memories.

“It’s an easy environment. You make friends easy, and it’s like a family. We have a blast, it’s so much fun,” says Smash stage manager, Lucy Guzy.

Temple Smash Senior Co-Executive Producer Katy Donadio says “[She] can’t necessarily put into words of how much it’s been able to mean to me. I think that I was so lucky to have been able to have such a great experience and I only can hope that other people have the same experience with Smash.”

Although some Smash students are graduating, there’s no doubt the show will go on. Freshman camera operator, Alex Peteryak has high hopes for what Temple’s newest class will bring in future years. Peteryak says “that all of the freshman, we really want to work together and make Smash as best as it can be.”

As the fall semester comes to a close, producers and directors have already begun working on next semester’s shows.


To watch former episodes of Temple Smash and to get more information and the latest updates, visit the Smash website.

Temple Smash can also be seen on TUTV, Comcast channel 50 and Verizon channel 45.

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