Temple Student Involvement in Philadelphia Homelessness Campaign

There have been many initiatives in the city of Philadelphia to combat homelessness, some of which include efforts from our very own Temple Owls.

Nick Carmack, a Temple senior, is involved with the Poor People’s Army Economic Human Rights Campaign. “A big part of what we do is our projects of survival, where we feed, house, and clothe our troops, and those associated with us who need resources,” Carmack says.

The Saint Edwards Church in North Philadelphia was taken over by activists over 25 years ago to shelter the homeless from the winter cold. The Poor People’s Army reclaimed the church provide a solution to displaced people and gather donations. However, he says they were met by police, leader Cheri Honkola has been criminally charged, and their food donations have been confiscated.

“We’re just trying to use an abandoned building to help poor and homeless folk throughout this city,” Carmack adds. The building is now under renovations because it was deemed unsafe, although it is uncertain whether the renovations are occurring for the campaign’s use.

The Poor People’s Army and Camp JTD, the encampment on the parkway, continue to advocate for the homeless population, and are accepting food, clothing, and monetary donations.

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