Temple Students and Faculty React to Donald Trump Presidency

A cold and rainy day greeted Temple students the morning after Donald Trump stunned the world becoming the 45th person elected as the President of the United States.

Trump’s victory was met with shock across a wide political divide. Hillary Clinton was in the lead with the popular votes, but lost in the Electoral College. The results of the election have students talking all over campus.

Deondre Robinson, a sophomore at Temple, feels deeply affected by the election.

“Me being a young black man in America it’s — I’m definitely affected by the outcome of this election. A lot of minorities and underrepresented people I feel they are very much negatively affected by this,” said Robinson

Temple’s political science professor Robin Kolodny woke up to disappointment as she discovered Trump had won the election.

“Political science got it wrong and this is going to be a tough moment for those of us that the press was just reporting on the models that we normally use,” said Kolodny.

Other political science professors at Temple, including Michael Hagan, were just as stunned with the result of the election.

“It was extraordinary in a whole variety of ways. Trump is the first president of the United States history who has never served in elective office or been a member of the United States military,” said Hagan.

Sophomore Matthew Chirik who proudly wore a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat as he walked to his classes, was excited to hear that Trump had won the election and is ready to see what he will accomplish in the years ahead.

“I really think the next four years are going to be amazing for America because he is going to work to bring us together and really work to make us prosper without a political agenda,” said Chirik.

Emotions are still running high as the political unrest over the election of Donald Trump continues. However, Chirik and other students still have hope that America can move forward and unite as one country.

“As with anything there is going to be a divide initially but over the next few weeks and months we’ll see everyone come together hopefully.”

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