Temple Students Prepare for Election Day

The Pennsylvania voter registration deadline has been set for October 24th.

Students across Temple’s campus have been taking measures to ensure that their vote matters. 

Senior Jared Goldberg started a petition to cancel classes on Election Day in an effort to increase student voter turnout.

“I don’t want it to be a day off, I want it to be a day where we actually work with our community. that’s one of the things that i care about most,” Goldberg said.

Goldberg’s proposal, “Owls Out for Democracy” also includes plans for transportation to the polls, collaborating with local organizations, and celebratory events after election day.

The petition has received more than 2600 signatures from students, faculty, and prominent alumni.

Temple Votes is a division under the Dean of Students that has been working to provide necessary education and student resources for this upcoming election. Their website provides information on how to register and answers other questions students may have.

Senior Associate Dean of Students, Chris Carey, held an event for Temple student organization leaders to give them resources to share with their peers. 

“We delivered some information that we have been presenting in classes and then invited students to either share that with their student organization or if they would like to present to a class and stay involved with us after today.”

Temple Votes has planned a parade to the polls on Election Day. students will meet in their residence halls and travel to their designated polling sites together. These efforts align with Goldberg’s Qwls Out for Democracy mission.

“Students can do more than vote, but at a minimum I just want them to vote because their voice matters,” Goldberg said.

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