Temple Theater’s Sidestage Presents Colaizzo’s “Really, Really”


Temple Theater’s Sidestage is set to premiere their first production of the semester, Paul Downs Colaizzo’s play, “Really, Really.”

I had the opportunity to chat with the student director of “Really, Really,” Peter Loikits, about the show.

What is “Really, Really” about?

“Really, Really” is a contemporary drama that pushes the edges and embraces the harsh reality of today’s youth. At an elite university, when the party of the year results in the regret of a lifetime, one person will stop at nothing to salvage a future that is suddenly slipping away. In this quick-witted and gripping comic tragedy about ‘Generation Me,’ it’s every man for himself.

What should audience members get out of the show?

This play opens up a conversation about rape on a college campus, and how our generation handles such situations. I wanted to explore toxic masculinity in male culture and how that affects how men treat women and how we view rape. As a society we are not cracking down hard enough on rapists, we see this with Brock Turner, David Decker, John Enoch, and countless others who have gotten shortened sentences because of reasonings such as “impeding their college experience.” We even, now, have a president-elect that has been recorded saying how he commits sexual assault, and he still gets elected president.  The American people as a whole, have not fully grasped the severity of rape culture, and how damaging it is to 1 out of every 3 women in this country. There is an epidemic happening in our nation; it’s time we start confronting the issue head on and stop pretending it is not a major issue.

How long did it take to get the final product?

The rehearsal process was about a month and half.

What was it like directing the show?

As a director, and as a male, approaching the topic of rape can be complicated. Especially with a play that is graphic in its depiction, it was my main priority to have a safe space for my actors, especially the women in the cast, to explore the topic. Also creating trust within the cast was a priority.

What was your favorite part about directing the show?

My favorite part was the cast. They are such a joy to work with, and become friends. As a student director I walk a fine line between a peer and an authority figure, but this cast has been great and we have all become great friends.

Temple students can see “Really, Really” on November 18th at 7:30pm and November 19th at 2pm and 7:30pm at the Temple Performing Arts Center.

Tickets are available for $5 for students at Temple Theater’s Sidestage’s website.

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