Temple to Open Private Nursing Suite for Mothers

20160525_lactation_suite_001-938x528Nursing mothers on campus will soon have a private place in the Howard Gittis Student Center to care for their children.

The university held an event Friday, announcing the opening of a Mamava lactation suite for nursing mothers set for June 1st.

The opening of the suite makes Temple the first college or university in Pennsylvania — and the  sixth nationally — to offer this type of private space to breastfeed children or pump milk.

The suite is 32 square feet and will feature a fold-down table, two benches, a mirror, an AC and USB power outlet and a lock that indicates to users whether the suite is vacant or occupied. The outside of the suite features Temple’s logo, while inside, users can see cityscapes of Philadelphia.

The University said in a statement the move is part of an effort to continue its support of mothers.

“…Temple has long accommodated nursing mothers with safe, sanitary and private space throughout the university, but the suite is the first standalone space designed specifically for those purposes.”

While Temple is the first University in the area to offer a Mamava Suite, it is not the only establishment to offer one. Other institutions offering Mamava Suites include the Philadelphia Convention Center, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Allentown School District.
The university is now Mamava’s 100th client nationwide.

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