Temple To Partake In Biggest Concussion Study In History

PHILADELPHIA— Temple University has been chosen to participate in the largest-ever study of sports concussions in history. The school was chosen in lieu of a $30 million initiative by the NCAA’s Department of Defense to fund the most in-depth study of concussion and head injuries ever conducted.
The study will enroll an estimated 25,000 male and female student-athletes nationwide over the three-year study period, which started in 2014. The athletes complete pre-season screening, and are then evaluated again if they experience a head injury.
Only 9 schools were admitted to partake in the study out of more than 170 schools that applied. These 9 schools join 21 other schools already participating.
Professor Langford also adds, “There is still so much that is not known about concussion and the short and long-term effects of head impacts common across a wide variety of sports.”

Participating in this study is collaborating Temple University’s Athletic, Neuroscience and Kinesiology departments. Temple’s vice president of research administration Michelle Masucci referred to the academic and athletic collaboration as “a testament to the growing strength of concussion research across Temple.” From the neuroscience department, T. Dianne Langford, associate professor of neuroscience and neurovirology and co-principal investigator for the study explains, “Temple is pleased to be part of this landmark effort and to join with colleagues at other institutions to help protect the players and protect the game.”

“We are thrilled to be one of the schools chosen to take part in the CARE Consortium’s concussion study,” said Temple University Director of Athletics Patrick Kraft. “The safety of our student-athletes is our number one priority. So we take pride in being part of this study, which should help not just Temple student-athletes, but student-athletes around the country.”


Concussions in athletics have spurred great controversy as of late, resulting in many doubts to individuals involved in, or in any relation to contact sports.

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