New Office Aimed to Help International Students


Temple University has created the Office of International Student Affairs to help International Students make the adjustment to university life at Temple. Temple University currently has 1,700 undergraduate international students from over 115 countries.

“So what that has resulted at Temple is a situation where you have all these international students who are new to America, new to Philadelphia, and new to university life. So this new office of international student affairs is dedicated to international student success.” said Vice Dean of International Students Brooke Walker.

The university created the office to help students access the resources available to them to overcome obstacles such as language barriers and different academic backgrounds.

“What’s next? They have now become successful as students right? Learning everything in a foreign language. So imagine if an American student go to France or China and having to learn everything about Organic Chemistry in a foreign language. Well our international students are doing that. They are learning everything that we are learning in a foreign language. So they’re overcoming incredible…. I don’t want to say obstacles, but it’s a challenge.” Walker said

The new office is located on the 11th floor of Carnell Hall.


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