Temple University Libraries Present Beyond The Page

Temple University Libraries is presenting Beyond the Page, a conversation about Creating a Welcoming Campus Community in 2017.

The event will take place on Wednesday, September 20th during Welcoming America’s Welcome Week.

The purpose of the talk, which is open to Temple’s faculty, students, and staff of all backgrounds, is to discuss the extent to which Temple is a welcoming place for international students. Different questions will be addressed, such as how to make campus welcoming for all, what a welcoming campus looks like, how to make campus welcoming amidst new immigration developments, white supremacists, and much more.

Four panelists with backgrounds in diversity and social justice will be present for the event. Panelists include Tiffenia Archie, Jennifer Lee, Pastor Adan Mairena, and Jessica Sandberg.

For more information about Beyond the Page, visit library.temple.edu/beyondthepage.

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