Temple University’s Official Fall Break

This is the first time Temple University will have an official, week-long Fall Break. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, some student’s are looking forward to some extra days off of class.

Temple Junior, Joshua McFrazier, is excited about how the break will affect his plans for going home. He said, “I’m not from the Philadelphia Area, I live in Pittsburgh so I get to go home and spend time with my family, actually spend time and not rush there and come right back to class, so I’m pretty excited about it.”

Temple Senior, Xavier Perez, said, “It’s only two or three extra days, but it’s still nice. Winter break is a little smaller but it’s good. I’ll enjoy it.”

The new fall break overlaps with Thanksgiving and gives students more travel or relaxation time, but some are worried about their upcoming final exams.  “It’s also, uhm. just a little bit annoying because the few days we come back, everything is due right then and it’s kind of just a little bit stressful to be honest. It’s kind of a bad time to have a huge break,” said Meredith Moga.

The change in schedule isn’t only a big change for students, but for professors as well. Adjunct Professor Donna Virden gives out a group project for a final and she said “It’s kind of hard to give a group project when some of the group members might be traveling across the country for break and that’s what made it difficult so that’s why I moved things up a bit because when we get back from break we only have two more classes and we’re done.”

The University decided on this specific week in it’s interest in it’s students. University spokesperson Brandon Lausch said the break was implemented because of popular demand and, “It allows students particularly from outside the area to go home spend time with their families and to recharge and to have that time to get back it for finals.”

The break will impact the Spring Semester in many different ways. The semester will start one week earlier, which falls on Martin Luther King Day. Students will be off this day in observing the national holiday. The schedule change has also affected May commencement, moving that date up a week resulting on a Friday graduation.


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