Temple University’s Mental Health Services

Midterms are coming to an end and finals are looming in the near future. Many students are starting to wear thin. The stress and pressures of school work begin to pile up for many, and some have their own tried and true methods of dealing with it.

Li Tang prefers the grin and bear it approach stating, “there is no better way to handle it than to just get up, drink coffee and do it”.

For most, keeping up with school work is only the half of it. Many work part time jobs, which only adds to the pressures. Junior, Alex Hines, boasts a 16 credit hour class schedule in addition to a 20 hour work week.

Some have found that dealing with the stress of college living can be almost too hard to handle on their own. Luckily Temple University provides resources to help students deal with these issues at the Tuttleman Counseling Office located on the 5th floor of 1810 Liacouras Walk.

John DiMino is the Director of Counseling Services and states, “We provide a range of counseling services and also psychiatric services at Tuttleman Counseling Services… The reason students most often come to counseling is because they are feeling depressed or anxious… people usually get more stressed out around midterm or final time.”

The unfortunate truth is all the pressures that students have on them can sometimes be too difficult to handle. Sunday, October 13, a suicidal Temple Student barricaded himself in the basement of his off campus home with a gun. It was there that he stood off with police for over 17 hours, completely closing off the 1800 block of North Willington Street. Police were able to talk the student down and the standoff ended without injury.

Stress and depression can be an unfortunate yet inescapable fact of life for many students, however the Tuttleman Counseling Office aims to make sure they don’t have to go at it alone. For more information on hours and services, visit the Tuttleman Counseling Service website.

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