Temple University’s New Vending Machines

Artificially intelligent vending machines have replaced many people-run stands on both Ambler and Main campus. 

Diamond General now has state-of-the-art vending machines named “VICKI”, which offer a wide array of products; everything from Pop-Tarts to salads can be found. 

Campus partner of seven years, Aramark, took advantage of the advancing technology of a post-covid era and installed these automated machines. As a result, the company says the sales volume has doubled, and it has accordingly dealt with the labor shortage issue. 

Temple students’ reviews have been mixed, with some customers appreciating the convenience and efficiency but with others missing the personable human contact.

Technical malfunctions have also occurred, resulting in students being overcharged. However, the University says this can be solved by scanning the QR code on the machine and requesting a refund. 

The Associate Vice President of Business Services at Temple University, Michael Scales, feels optimistic about this change. Scales has tried to be “as innovative as possible and respond to any trends” that he sees come about with these new vending machines.

Check out “VICKI” and all she has to offer at Diamond General in Annenberg Hall!

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