Temple University’s Sports Media Society for Women

For Women’s History Month, we wanted to highlight a thriving women-led organization here at Temple.

Erin Steffe’s dream of starting an organization came true in 2019 when she founded the Sports Media Society for Women, or SMSW.

The goal of this organization is to help encourage women in sports media to strive for leadership and success in a male-dominated industry .

Steffe shares that she was afraid that her organization wouldn’t survive.

She states, “That was my biggest fear starting this was will I have enough people to buy in who believe in it the way that I believe in it.”

Her fear however did not come true.

SMSW is now a successful organization run by many of Temple’s strong and determined female students.

SMSW has even brought in guest speakers from Fox 29, 6 ABC, and NFL Films.

Current President Brynna Haupt states, “There’s such a stigma that women are in subordinate roles, but we know we belong. We know we are super capable of what men can do and that’s why we’re here.”

SMSW has quadrupled in size since it began, and will continue to grow at the hands of all the women in the organization who want to uplift other women in the sports media industry.

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