Temple Update Receives Mid-Atlantic Emmy for Best College Newscast

From Left: Petyerak, Hendrickson, Moyer-Fittipaldi, McHugh
From Left: Petyerak, Hendrickson, Moyer-Fittipaldi, McHugh

Temple Update brought home its second Mid-Atlantic Emmy award Saturday night, taking the prize for Best College/University Student Production.

Temple Update went up against student productions from Penn State University and Temple University Television‘s own football special, “A Season to Remember.” The award recognizes Update for its production following the terrorist attacks in Paris. This is the first Emmy that Temple Update has won for a live show.

Update’s own Alex Petyerak, Joe McHugh, Mary Jane Moyer-Fittipaldi, and Beccah Hendrickson were on hand to accept the award. Hendrickson, now a reporter with WGAL in Lancaster, PA, anchored the newscast alongside Tennyson Coleman, who reports for KRCR7 in Redding, CA.

McHugh, Moyer-Fittipaldi, and Petyerak acted as producer, director, and technical director respectively for the newscast.

Not everyone involved in the newscast was able to be present for the ceremony. Supervising producer Melissa Steininger, a class of 2016 graduate, was in the newsroom at CBS6 in Albany when she got the news that Temple Update had won.


Update’s Ben Otte also took home two Emmys, sweeping the College/University Sports Category along with fellow student Emily Milliron.

Milliron with her Mid-Atlantic Emmy.
Milliron with her Mid-Atlantic Emmy.

Otte and Milliron won an Emmy for their piece on the Women’s Gymnastics team, who were stranded on the Turnpike during Winter Storm Jonas. Otte also won for his piece on the Temple vs. Penn State game from 2015.

Brianna Spause, a photojournalist with the Temple News, also won an Emmy for Best College/University Long Form: Non-Fiction Piece. Her piece, a story on South Africa, was overseen by SMC Professor Karen Turner.

Not only were students honored for their hard work, but Temple faculty as well.

Temple University Television’s Assistant General Manager George Cummings was inducted into the Silver Circle Saturday night. The Silver Circle honors chapter members of 25 years or more who “have been a reliable, valued colleague, a respected mentor, a creative contributor, a diligent advocate for the audience or an ambassador within your market for the television industry.”

Cummings, a Temple graduate, has a worked with WPHL, FOX29, and FOX as a director and operations manager before returning to his alma mater as a adjunct instructor and assistant general manager.

TUTV’s General Manager Paul Gluck received the honor at last year’s reception.

Temple Update is honored to be a recipient of a Mid-Atlantic Emmy, and proud of all the hard work that goes into each production by its student staff. Temple Update would like to extend its thanks to Executive Producer Peter Jaroff, who also was unable to attend the ceremony, for all of his hard work and mentorship.

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