Temple’s Esports Certificate Program

Temple University is now offering an Esports certificate program for students looking to pursue a career in the massively growing competitive video game industry. Within the last few years, Esports competition has grown a massive market with popular games like League of Legends, Fortnite, and Counter-Strike. As the industry grows and the demand for competitive events continues to rise, Esports related education will only become more and more relevant.

“It teaches more about managing the team and kind of the ins and outs of the Esports scene itself. So, I think knowing how to analyze the Esports scene and which games to really invest in,” says game lead Justin Trillo.

The program focuses mainly on the business aspect of Esports, covering topics such as team management and event organization. Courses within the certificate include Esports Management and Industry Trends, Esports: Legal and Ethical Challenges, Esports Social Media Management and Fan Engagement, and Esports Revenue Production. Advisor Christian Talotti expands on the rising demand for Esports education:

“Yeah, no, I think Temple made the right choice of actually making that. You don’t really see a lot of Esports minors or even like majors. So, it’s definitely a big step up from other schools. I think also it’s like a big, it’s kind of a big deal because like Esports is now becoming this thing where people can make money and live a lifestyle off it. And so it’s definitely something that’s big and I think it’s a great decision from Temple.” 

Temple is now among the schools leading the charge towards the evolution of Esports from a niche interest to a multi-million-dollar industry. The Esports scene has been able to grow consistently thanks to dedicated communities across a multitude of video games.

“So, it’s definitely this big community that’s growing overall,” says Christian. “It’s really good that we have this certificate to like definitely give people a chance to actually go make a lifestyle out of it.” 

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