Temple’s Landscape Gets a Facelift

Visualize Temple is underway but Temple has a plan to focus on the landscape surrounding campus as well: Verdant Temple.

The plan hopes to make Temple more of a green space and increase the university’s sustainability.

Liacouras Walk in front of Alter Hall is complete and now allows rainwater to go down to the soil below it.

Verdant Temple prioritizes:

  • green space and the need for additional space, plans for a academic quad of green space the size of a city block are planned for where Beury Hall stands now.
  • pedestrian walks, such as the remodel on Liacouras Walk between Polett Walk & Montgomery Avenue.
  • the use of the city backdrop that Temple entertains.
  • stormwater infrastructure, in hopes of increasing environmental sustainability and reducing costs of stormwater runoff.

Verdant Temple could also feature work of landscape architecture students at the university.

Current Owls will not see the finished product, as the plan won’t be finished for up to ten years.

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