Temple’s Rapping Professor

Professor Aaron Smith, also known as the “rapping professor,” has become quite popular amongst Temple students. He is a professor in the African American studies department and teaches multiple courses with Tupac hip-hop, with the revolution being the most popular amongst students.

While Dr. Smith has been very well known for quite some time now, there was certainly a boost in popularity after he appeared on MTV’s Wild N’ Out. He participated in the wild style battle as “Fearless,” his rap name.

All of his students were very supportive and proud of their professor as many of them expressed on social media. Dr. Smith decided to give his students a live performance at the Bell Tower on campus displaying his rap skills that landed him on Nick Cannon’s Wild N’ Out.

He sent an e-mail out to all of his students so that they could show up and experience his live performance. It was an 80-degree day and there was a tremendous amount of support shown by his students as well as those who were just at the Bell Tower enjoying the weather. They record the event with their phones and cheered him on as he performed.

“Aaron Smith is a great professor he actually was a judge at one of our rap battles, he’s very talented and I’m interested to see what he has next,” said Temple student Maada Sammah.

Students like Maada Sammah were very impressed with his performance and look forward to seeing more from the rapping professor.

“Instead of just theorizing and always showing slides and displaying what used to happen back in the day and what other people did, I figured some practical application would be more impactful for my students to really see the art in action,” said Dr. Aaron Smith.

Dr. Smith incorporates his raps into his lectures and entertains his students which allows them to be more engaged and retain important information, making what could just be another boring lecture for students an enjoyable learning experience.


  1. Very interesting and well written article. Made me curious to meet this amazing professor and attend one of his lectures.

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