Temple’s Winning Streak Ends Against Wichita State

The Temple Men’s Basketball team’s 5-game winning streak has finally come to a close at the hands of Wichita State.

The game was a track meet as both teams ran up the scoreboard.

After an extremely impressive first half, the Owls were unable to hold on for the win. The team opened up the half with the hot-hand going on an early 11-0 run. While the Shockers were able to make dents in the lead at times, the Owls stayed in control and took a commanding 56-42 lead into half. The 56 points scored by the Owls were the most ever in a half during the Gregg Marshall-era.

Courtesy: Temple News

Unfortunately, Temple quickly saw this lead dissipate. The Shockers came out of the half on fire as an early 17-3 run tied the score.

From that point on it became an absolute dog fight with the two teams exchanging blows back and forth.

Perhaps the most crucial play of the game came at the 2-minute mark when Wichita State’s Zach Brown missed a 3-point shot, but Shaquille Morris recovered the offensive rebound put-back to give them the lead.

The Owls were able to keep it interesting throughout the rest of the game, but could not stop the Shockers.

Following a couple of free throws, Temple fell to Wichita State 93-86.

Prior to the game ESPN’s Joe Lunardi said this game can help, but not hurt the Owls due to their early win over the Shockers. However, he does believe that for Temple to make the tournament, the need to win the remainder of their games and make a run in the AAC tournament.

The Owls next contest is at home against a Houston team who is fresh-off a win against #5 Cincinnati.


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