The Eagles Land in London

Wembley Park turned into a sea of green this past weekend as Eagles fans made their way to the stadium to watch the recent Superbowl champs take on the Jacksonville Jaguars. This is the first time the birds have played in the UK, sending fans into a whirlwind of excitement. The team has even attracted support from those not to close to the city of brotherly love.

Eagles fan Yahanas Tabbey, recalls the first time he visited Philadelphia. His family purchased him an Eagles jersey, and he quickly became a fan.

“When I researched the Eagles, the passionate fan-base, they just love the sport. They’re so passionate and that’s what I’m all about”, he says.

As of Thursday morning, the teams will be going head to head in a sold out stadium. Eagles fans have come from overseas in staggering numbers, making it certain that Philadelphia is well represented. Some previously attended Superbowl LII, making the London match up another memorable experience.

“It’s really epic to be here in London to see our Philadelphia Eagles. We’re going to come back. We look a little shaky, a little rocky. We’re getting some kinks worked out but I’m feeling very optimistic about today. I think this is going to be a really powerful comeback day,” says Brian Lumpkin.

The game set a record attendance for the NFL with over 85,000 people in attendance, which didn’t include fans watching from local bars from just outside the event. Wembley Tavern was one of the many spots spectators could get a glimpse of the game.

“So, I bought my plane ticket back in May. I never purchased a ticket to go in the stadium because I knew coming to a local bar would be the best way to go,” says Philadelphia native Tawanda Deshazior.

The Philadelphia Eagles shut out the Jacksonsville Jaguars with a final score of  24-18.

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