The Philadelphia Science Festival Takes Over

The Wagner Free Institute of Science lets guests touch live jellyfish from the Jersey Shore. The institute has been a part of the festival since its start seven years ago and creates a new theme every year. This year, the institute’s theme is, “how to become a marine biologist.”

The institute is one of 27 core collaborators in the Philadelphia area taking part in the Philadelphia Science Festival. It is a nine-day event featuring lectures, debates, hands-on activities, special exhibitions, and a variety of science educational experiences for all ages.

Aaron Lawson, Children Educator at the Wagner Institute of Science, said, “So we do a lot of different things with geology, fossils, minerals, biology, and water. So, it’s just really cool and a lot of different things here that can bring the community together.”

There were arts and crafts, a scavenger hunt, hands-on activities with marine animals, and a lecture from a Temple University Marine Biologist professor.

“I get to go down in submersibles to work on the ocean floor. And, I really love being here today just sharing that excitement for what I do and especially talking to little kids about it and seeing, you know, the excitement in their faces,” said Erik Cordes, Marine Biologist Professor at Temple. 

After professor Cordes’ presentation, guests were able to step outside to see what goes into studying life underwater.

Visitors experienced how marine biologists catch and study the different species of fish, look at organisms through a microscope, and touch live aquatic animals. For some, it wasn’t about the animals at all, but rather…

“My favorite part was getting this tree pencil,”Justin, a visitor, said.

“My favorite part was the crafts,” said Angelina, another eager visitor.

The Wagner Free Institute of Science plans on coming back for the eighth year of the Philadelphia Science Festival with new and exciting exhibits for people to enjoy.

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