Thursdays at Saige Cafe

The Saige Cafe is normally a place to grab coffee and study, but Bell Tower Music transformed it into a mini concert hall on Thursday, April 20th with their monthly event, Thursdays at Saige Cafe.

Local artists were selected by the student run record label to perform their live pieces, which include rapping, singing, instrumentals, and poetry, such as work from spoken word artist, Jasmine Kenny. “I’m just really into documenting the black experience, black womanhood, everything we go through. I just really want it to show through my art and things I have to say,” says Kenny.

Listeners enjoyed the atmosphere as performers took the stage to showcase their musical talents and promote their most recent projects. Some performers were artists who may have a chance to sign with Bell Tower Music, like female pop artist Xilomen. “My sister is actually a student in the class and she showed my music to the class, and I guess they want me to sign with them. So, this is my first show with them,” says Xilomen.

Anyone interested in attending the next Saige Cafe concert or being a part of Bell Tower Music can check out more information on

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