Trustees Approve Tuition Hike

fly in fourTemple University Board of Trustees voted Tuesday to move forward with a tuition plan that will go into effect as early as Fall of 2016.

The 2.8 percent jump will effect both out of state as well as Pennsylvania residents in the upcoming semesters. Pennsylvania residents going into their junior and senior years will see a .01% raise in their bills, while out of state upperclassmen will face a .70% increase.

This new tuition plan would bump mandatory fees up from $790 to $890; the $100 increase will support student services on campus. This is the second time since 2009 that students have seen a raise in fees.

The base tuition for Pennsylvania residents will sit at $15,384, and $26,376 for out of state students. These changes will also eliminate the $1,000 payment made by upperclassmen after earning 60 credits or more.

Temple University is also making changes to standardize credit loads. A full course load will got from 17 to 18 credits, eliminating the added fee for students taking 18 credits in a semester. Cost per credit for full-time students will also decrease once they meet the 12 credit minimum.

By increasing the full course threshold from 17 to 18 credits, students can take an additional class each semester with no extra charge. This could set students on an accelerated graduation rate with less debt.


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