(TU)nity at Diversity Symposium

Known for its melting pot persona, “Diversity University”, also known as Temple University, organized a thought-provoking symposium designed to give it’s students, faculty, and staff a voice on ways to further develop its diverse culture.

When it comes to understanding diversity, Brittany Boston, a junior Journalism major said, “I think understanding peoples different social economic level, their education level, and also you know their backgrounds; what neighborhoods are they from, and their nationality.”

The event consisted of various booths and tables where students were given index cards to record their opinions on how to improve diversity at the University level.

“At booth two [students] are basically giving their feedback on ways they think the student body and Temple can improve” said Eva Williams, a senior Sports Tourism and Hospitality major.

Various stations such as booth two were designed to challenge students to step outside the box and identify opportunities to overcome barriers to diversity. Due to the great turn out, facilitators have over 16 hundred index cards with statements. This high level of student and staff engagement provides a strong base for improvement.

“Were getting some really good data. Administrators have [asked] how we can share this, how we can disseminate this data. That’s the best part of this kind of research–everybody’s voice matters” said Theatre major, Kimmika W. Witherspoon.

Mayor Michael Nutter made an appearance at the event, christening Tuesday October 28, 2014 as “T-Unity Day,” a play on Temple’s initials.

For more information on Diversity at Temple University, Click Here.

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