Two Former NFL Players Speak at a Mental Health Event on Campus

This past Friday Temple hosted an event on campus called Stressing Out: Supporting Student Mental and Behavioral Health. This event was run with The Department of Communication and Social Influence along with LCR.

This event included many speakers such as Jen Rowe, the Student Services Coordinator, Janie Egan, the Mental Well-Being Coordinator, and Justin Miller, the Senior Athletic Director for Academic and Career Services. Along with these panel speakers were special guests Dereck White and Geoffrey Pope. White and Pope are both former NFL players who during their respective careers both spent time as members of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Throughout the evening guests were able to listen to the everyday experiences these speakers have been through, from helping students in need to hardships that come with being a student athlete. Later that night three different students were called up to the stage one at a time to give their own firsthand stories of trauma they went through. They described how that trauma challenged their own mental health, and how they were able to overcome and fight through it.

Alongside the speakers and guests, Dean of Students Stephanie Ives was present at the event to hear the real stories and feedback of those suffering through mental health issues. Ives recommended to all students that they download the TU Mobile App which has valuable information such as being able to get important information relating to mental health issues.

Finally, the night concluded with the speakers each having a seat at the guest tables and taking part in a group discussion about how Temple can improve the way they treat mental health issues and the resources they have available to students.

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