Ukraine Focus of International Hour

International Student Affairs hosted another coffee hour event, and this one was Ukrainian-themed. Students and guests were invited to enjoy Ukrainian food and drinks over discussions and presentations about Ukraine and its history.

The event was focused on sharing Ukrainian culture and heritage and some students spoke about the importance of sharing their culture in a time like now. “I want to share with these people like our culture and students know more about Ukraine and how beautiful our country is and maybe in the future they will visit it and have some background,” said first year geology grade student, Anna Kulynych.

The students got the opportunity to present information about why Ukraine is special to them and some misconceptions about the country’s beliefs. “People need to understand that we have our own culture, our own heritage, and traditions. It has nothing to do with Russia and their culture and people,” said Junior student, Anesu Nyamupingidza.

The event allowed students and guests to spend time as a community and focus on ways to better Ukraine during this harsh time. By the end of the event “Hope” was the special message for guests to take home with them.

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